SUJI PARK – Founder
Suji’s passion for simple, delicious food and love of New York were the foundation for Suji’s Restaurant.
She first opened her doors in Seoul, Korea on April 2005 and hasn’t looked back since.
Her notorious ability to make friends with strangers and to remember each and every face (names included!) has been a driving force behind a core element of Suji’s Restaurant – home away from home. Suji believes that everyone should be able to enjoy a great meal among friends in a cozy environment. This premise has served her well as many of her patrons are now her closest friends and family. She continues to innovate with compelling new ideas on how to service the needs of her customers and they have received her warmly for her spirited motivation. Suji has now extended her home to include Tokyo and looks forward to welcoming new friends into her heart.
SEAN PARK – Managing Director, Korea & Resident Photographer
When not found running the Seoul branch operation with an iron fist, Sean is mean at work on perfecting his photography skills.
Already an accomplished photographer, he is the keen eye behind all the black and white photographs that adorn the restaurant’s interior. If you haven’t seen or experienced New York firsthand, an hour or so in front of his photo portfolio will make you feel as if you had. His attention to detail in each of his pictures comes out in his capacity to service customers. He doesn’t miss a trick and perhaps that’s why customers compliment him on his work both on and off camera. But don’t let his quirky smile fool you. He’s known as the enforcer when it comes to ‘difficult’ customers and will magically produce photographs that prove them wrong (thank you Photoshop!).
Daniel Treinen – Resident Architect
Dan is the visionary behind Suji’s Tokyo. Needing a concept that provided elements of chic, comfort and tasteful aesthetics, Dan brought forth from the dark recesses of his mind what you see today. His experiences in Asia and formal training in the USA coupled with his formidable creativity has rendered a space uniquely its own. Dan’s affable manner and beaming grin belie the cunning and formidable artist within. And his patience in working with amateur architect wannabes like ourselves (we now know what soffit means) tempers only his enthusiasm for life and art. Nearly on his deathbed (just a runny nose if you really want to know) when he first came to Tokyo to evaluate the space, Dan managed to miraculously transform what was once a hideous wasteland of color and dementia into a moving picture of style and holistic beauty. Of course we had to convince him not to use the disco ball and petting zoo, but he was satisfied nonetheless.
Young Jung – Head Chef, Korea
Talent is hidden well beneath the child like giant that oversees the Korean culinary operations. Look past the baby faced leader of a rag tag crew of passionate young cooks and be amazed at what you see. Barely out of diapers, the 25 year old, chef absorbs knowledge like a new and improved Pamper’s and executes his job like a seasoned pro. Young’s demeanor is stolid when focused on his work, but pass him a beer and his poignant childishness returns with trumpets blaring.

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